20th Anniversary APIS(PPIS)

Congratulatory Messages

Congratulatory Lecture

History of APIS(PPSI) Prof. Mataga (Japan)

Prof. WANG Huiming
Professor and Director of Dept. of Oral Maxillofacial Facial Surgery and Professor and Director of Dept. of Oral Maxillofacial Implatology, 1st Affiliated Hospital of Medical College, Zhejiang University, China

 It is my great honor to recommend members of Taiwan Alliance of Dental Implant Association (TADIA) to attend this APIS 2022 online meeting held at Seoul, Korea on February 19.
Taiwan APIS delegate team also appreciate your invitation of three speakers and three moderators from our team to present at this meeting.
We all understand during this COVID-19 pandemic period of time, it is very difficult to have an international meeting like this, but with Korea team’s effort we know it is going to be successful.

Thanks again for the invitation.

Dr. Dayen Peter Wang
 Delegate member of APIS , President of TADIA, Taiwan

Esteemed Mr. Chairman,dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen:
This is Dr. Ping-Yang Huang, the ex-chairperson of 19th PPIS (APIS) held in Taiwan in 2021 . Holding a virtual conference is not an easy task. We are sure that organizing committee in Korea must have put a lot of efforts to make the meeting success . Therefore, I myself , also represent members of organizing committee in 19th PPIS, would like to present my greatest greeting to 20th APIS held in Korea.
May the 20th APIS great success!
Best Wishes,

 Dr. Ping-Yang Huang, ex-Chairperson, 19th PPIS(APIS), Taiwan

On behalf of Taiwan Academic Implant Society(TAlD), thanks to PanPacificImplant society(PPlS)accepted our society members joint in this group at 2014.
I gratitude Prof.Sato, Prof. Matsuura, Prof.Mataga,Prof.Takahashi T; and Prof.Park, Prof.Chui, Prof. Paeng with Prof. Wang Hue-Ming.
I appreciate prof. Mataga invited me joint the PpIS meeting in the Saga ,Japan(2009) and thanks to Prof. Park sent me a precious gift:sinus crest approach kit, until now it is very useful for me.
Past 20 years, under Prof. Sato greater promote PPIS not only limited in regional but also internationality, 2022 is new era to Asia Pacific lmpIant Society (APIS)Thanks Prof Seto; and I also appreciate Prof.Takahashi T.and Prof.Miyamoto dedication in society business.
Thanks all organizers, Your Kindly hospitality let us feel at home.
The Covid-19 still pandemic,take care,hope we are well.
Best Wishes

Professor of Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital Taipei, Taiwan