Abstract Chang-Joo Park

Prof. Chang-Joo PARK
Division of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Department of Dentistry, College of Medicine, Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea
Title : Feasibility report of digitally-guided transcrestal sinus lift


A few decades have passed since hydraulic method, which was specifically designed for transcrestal approach of sinus lift surgery, was introduced in the implant market. Many innovative kits incorporating the hydraulic method are equipped with their own perforation-free drills, hydraulic lifter for wide and safe elevation of sinus membrane, and bone grafter for quick filling of grafting material.

Recently, major implant manufacturers have also introduced their own digitally guided implant surgery, which helps the implant clinicians place the implants simply and safely as digitally planned. Utilizing the data merging intraoral scans and cone-beam computed tomographs, these features can be estimated more precisely

  • Alveolar bone density
  • 3D residual alveolar bone height around the virtual implant
  • Amount of bone graft material
  • Amount of saline for hydraulic method
  • Drilling sequence to maximize the primary stability

In this lecture, the feasibility of digitally-guided transcrestal sinus lift by the hydraulic method will be discussed in detail with review of cases.