Abstract Prof. Jun Shimada

Prof. Jun Shimada
Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Meikai University School of Dentistry, Japan
Title : Immediate replacement of maxillary molar to avoid sinus lift surgery and to achieve esthetic implant restoration


1980: Graduated from Meikai University, School of Detistry
1980: Post-Graduate Course of Meikai University Major in OMFS finished
2014~Professor of Meikai University OMFS Division
2020~Professor of Meikai University Hospital


The concept of immediate tooth replacement therapy with provisionalization in the esthetic zone has become a viable treatment modality and widely accepted in clinical practice. The reasons for this are that an inevitable loss of soft and hard tissue after tooth extraction often results in a compromised site for anterior implant esthetics in both vertical and horizontal dimensions.  Same things are adapted for posterior tooth, and immediate replacement of molar, especially maxillary molar, are recently becoming a viable treatment modality, because it preserves the vertical existing osseous and gingival architecture. The esthetic success of immediate implant placement of maxillary tooth is essential as same to anterior tooth. This article describes in detail the process of patient selection, indications, contraindications, diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment execution required to achieve functional and esthetic success with immediate implant placement for maxillary molar.