History of APIS(PPIS)

Memorial lecture Prof. Mataga

Lecture on Youtube – click the above image

1st PPIS  Nov.19, 2002, Seoul, Korea
2nd PPIS  Nov.02, 2003, Seoul, Korea
3rd PPIS  Nov.07, 2004, Seoul, Korea
4th PPIS  Nov.05,06, 2005, Fukuoka, Japan
5th PPIS  Sep.02,03, 2006, Seoul, Korea
6th PPIS  Jun.01,2007, Changchun, P.R.China
 (6th) PPIS  Nov.17,18, 2007, Fukuoka, Japan
Branch meeting
7th PPIS  Nov.01,02, 2008, Cheju, Korea
8th PPIS  Nov. 12,13, 2009, Saga, Japan(13th JAMI)
9th PPIS  Jun.12,13, 2010, Hangzhou, P.R.China
10th PPIS  Jul.02,03, 2011, Daegu, Korea
11th PPIS Dec.1,2, 2012, Kokura, Japan
12th PPIS. Dec.6,7, 2013, Tenjing, P.R.China.
13th PPIS. May 1,2, 2014, Seoul, Korea 
14th PPIS  Nov.28,29(19th JAMI), 2015, Yokosuka, Japan
15th PPIS  Apr.09,10, 2016, (TAID), Kaohsiung, Taiwan
16th PPIS  Feb.25,26, 2017, Seoul, Korea
Dec.08,09,2017, Toyama, Japan
17th PPIS  Apr.12,13, 2018, Hangzhou P.R. China
18th PPIS  Nov 30, 2019, Tsukuba, Japan
Changed the name of society from PPIS to APIS
19th PPIS  Mar.13, 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, virtual
winter meeting, Dec 12, Nagoya, Japan, Virtual, Zoom with JAMI

Memorial Photos

Preparation meeting for PPIS in Fukuoka Jul 8, 2003

7th PPIS Cheju, Korea

18th PPIS Tsukuba, Japan

** Photographes from Prof. Mataga(Japan), Prof Dong-Ju Choi(Korea)

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